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Satish gujral

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Essay on Indian Writing in English

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Satish Gujral Essay Writing

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Satish Gujral Essay Writing Satish Gujral - Wikipedia Satish Gujral (born 25 December ) is an Indian painter, sculptor, muralist, graphic designer, writer and architect of the post-independent era.

Recently Satish Gujral has also donned the role of an author by publishing his engrossing autobiography “A brush with life”.

Satish Gujral

Satish Gujral was born at Jhelum in At the tender age of eight, an illness fatally impaired his hearing. On 26 MayInder Kumar Gujral married Shiela Gujral (24 January – 11 July ) and had two sons, Naresh Gujral (born 19 May ), who is a Rajya Sabha MP, and Vishal Gujral.

IK Gujral's younger brother Satish Gujral is a world-renowned painter and sculptor. Satish Gujral’s A Brush with Life, R.K. Laxman’s The Tunnel of Time, Prof.

Essay on Indian Writing in English

Bipin Chandra’s India after Independence, Sunil Khilnani’s The Idea of India, J.N. Dixit’s Fifty Years of India’s Foreign Policy, Yogesh Chadha’s Rediscovering Gandhi and Pavan’s The Great Indian Middle Class, are also some notable works of recent times.

Satish Gujral (born 25 December ) is an Indian painter, sculptor, muralist, graphic designer, writer and architect of the post-independent era. [2] He was awarded the Padma Vibhushan in His elder brother, Inder Kumar Gujral, was the former Prime Minister of India.

Satish gujral essay writer
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Satish Gujral Essay Writing