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The Need For Uniform Civil Code In India

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The Constitutions of The World

Sarla Mudgal vs. Union of India is violative of rights guaranteed under article 21 of the constitution. The judgment in Sarla Mudgal case has neither changed the procedure nor created any law for the prosecution of the person sought.

Union of India, AIR SC A Review SUBMITTED BY: KAVERI GUPTA B.A., Ll.B. (A) ABSTRACT This paper concerns itself with the case law Sarla. We will write a custom essay sample on The Constitutions of The World specifically for you.

Sarla Mudgal Case In the case of Sarla Mudgal [6], the issue of bigamy and the conflict between pre-existing personal laws on the matters of marriage were brought in front of the Supreme Court. It invoked Article 44 of the Constitution. Dec 13,  · The present case has 4 petitioners.

It is a writ petition under Article 32 of the Indian Constitution. Petitioner 1 is the President of "KALYANI" - a registered society - which is an organisation working for the welfare of needy-families and women in distress. Petitioner 2, Meena Mathur was married t Jitender Mathur in Here is your essay on the Importance of Uniform Civil Code in India: ‘ Secularism ‘ is a basic feature of the Indian Constitution.

It means a state which has no religion of its own as recognized religion of state.

Sarla mudgal essay
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Essay on the Uniform Civil Code in India